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#1803: friends of haiti : Morse comments

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

instead of carrot and stick diplomacy, what if the friends of haiti 
(u,s, canada, venezuela,france etc) opened their consulates and 
admitted 200,000 haitians each...i'm sure the booming economies could 
absorb these people and the people would have an infrastructure within 
which to develop...its happened before (irish, italian, chinese)...if 
thats too radical how about each of the friends sending 200,000 jobs to 
haiti...imagine what a million paying jobs would do for haitians...what 
has five years of "elections" and judicial infrastructure done for 
haiti...i walk down the streets of port-au-prince and i see thousands 
of marchands just sitting there not selling anything...it seems like 
such a waste..."the mind is a terrible thing to waste"...i see so many 
kids in school uniforms every morning. what are they supposed to do 
when they graduate? go throw rocks at political campaigners? go watch 
the rice grow in the provinces? maybe go unload the rice at the docks? 
maybe they can pitch in for a sack of rice and then they can each sell 
a couple of marmites. maybe they can take a boat to miami. 
unfortunately jeb bush (of the bush cartel) is only accepting cuban 
boat people right now. if what we've been trying hasn't been working, 
then we should reconsider the policy.

richard morse