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#1806: How can we help? Montas suggests to Farrell (fwd)

From: lys montas <lysmontas@hotmail.com>

As a cofounder of SOSAKA (Sokidarité-Santé-Canada-Ayiti),with fellow members 
of the canadian-haitian health society,I agree 100% with Bob Corbett's 
approach of helping poeple through NGOs (non governmental organisations).
Before opening our first community health center in Petite Desdune,our nurse 
spent a lot of time talking with the local population,to understand  their 
priorities,a way to have a good feedback of their needs and their capacities 
to become autonomous in time.
I suggest:Out  of the hundreds of NGOs working in Haiti in the field of 
humanitarian aid,you choose that one whose objectives and perfomances seem 
suitable to your own ideals.Instead of creating a new NGO, try to make a 
partnership with the one corresponding to your  views.You will save time and 
money ,a lot of troubles ,errors and tears.
Good Luck.God will help you.
Lys Montas.
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