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#1810: Re: #1804: then what's the use of this forum? Millis comments

From: Lokken Millis <lokken@logan.pvt.k12.co.us>

I believe the U.S.,the "richest country in the western hemisphere" has a
responsibility to help anyone in the rest of the world who is in need. We are a
global community, whether we like it or not.We do have our own problems, but
there seems to be more people here addressing those problems, than there are in
Haiti and other 3rd world countries. I think there is enough compassion to go
around. And I was moved by Bob Corbett's thoughts on how to help. Find out
personally what the Haitians really need other than a handout. the forum is a
great way to share those ideas and become more effective supporters of our
Haitian brothers and sisters. When enough people in Haiti tell me to leave them
alone, then maybe I will stop being interested her. I don't think that is going
to happen anytime real soon.
Lokken Millis