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#1813: Re: #1801:Sunday Observer article on Haiti :Laurette comments

From: LMB <lauretteb@yahoo.com>

Dear Mary:

You wrote "I find its tone quite offensive, with shades of 'Haiti, who
goes there?'" 

I read the article from the Sunday Observer titled "US quits Haiti's hell
fires," which you sent to the list quite attentively. I do not find as
offensive as you for it depict the reality of our country today. What
exactly would you like a reporter to say when he/she goes through the
street of Haiti?

I prefer that we discuss the reality that exists TODAY in Haiti. I do not
like to be misled and would rather hear the truth rather than read lies
about the climate and environment. The introductory paragraphs of this
article are no different from the first image in the 60 Minutes special (a
cadaver in the street) on Haiti as well as the PBS piece on Haiti. This
one is just more graphic in it's the details it shares.

What would you rather a reporter write about concerning Haiti? 

Furthermore, I find that we have some very good contributors and the
potential of great exchanges on this list. For instance recently Guy
Antoine sent an article on Structural Adjustment in Haiti and I have yet
to see any reactions from anyone on the list. That was a SURPRISE to me!

Frankly, I believe that it is a loss of my time to wallow in empty
discussions about the perceptions of reporters concerning Haiti. There are
much more challenging issues and challenges facing Haitians.


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