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#1822: Re: #1726: the value of hard work versus the promised land: Kemp comments

From: KEMP <kemp@globelsud.net>

Evelien reacts on #1726:

Reading these two phrases from the same article, I had problems with the math:

 phrase #1 says "Ronald Pierre, 19, had been driving a truck without a license. 
 The identity card he needed to obtain a chauffeur's license costs $14.70 - more 
 than he could afford.
 then phrase #2 says "Illegal voyages cost from $90 to nearly $3,000
     So if one cannot afford $ 14.70 for an identity card that would give 
     him the chance to have a decent job, how can the same person afford a 
     5 to 200 times more expensive fee for a boat trip to the promised 
     Maybe we should be careful using the wording "cannot afford" and 
     replace it with "doesn't choose to", "doesn't see the value of", etc.
     I know I am on slippery ice, as I can afford an identity card (and 
     cannot imagine myself dreaming of a future in Miami...)