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#1830: Durban responds to Morse on Haiti's Friends; Simidor comments (fwd)


Richard Morse couldn't be quite serious about his proposal, but that's what 
friends (konpè) do in semi-feudal Haiti.  If you are in a bad situation with 
too many children on your hands, I will adopt one -- in real terms, this 
means getting a restavèk or ti Sentaniz without paying for one.  And so why 
not "les quatre pays amis" (a rhetorical question)?  In this particular case, 
Mr. Morse's wit combined down home common sense with a keen sense of the 
absurd.  A basic requirement for membership on this list, I should think.

But you, Mr. Durban, shouldn't worry.  When the occasion arises (lè poul va 
pouse dan, i.e. when the chickens grow teeth or come home to roost), the most 
alert, the best and the brightest, i.e. the ones with connections and inside 
information, will be the first to leave.  The same thing happened in Cuba in 
1960-61 when the bourgeoisie and the Cuban petty-bourgeoisie fled to Miami, 
leaving the soul of the country behind…  And among the first to return 
States-side should be the young deportees of recent years…  Mind you, the 
French could easily settle 200,000 enterprising Haitians in "French" Guiana, 
as long as there is natural gas to protect the trees…  Alas, the Rhinvil 
children do not augur well for the US response.

Daniel Simidor