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#1826: Miami Judge: Dirk de Groen's comment on Richard Morse's comment (fwd)

From: Dirk de Groen <ddegroen@yahoo.com>

The Miami Dade County judge in question is of Puerto
Rican background and not of Cuban. Her campaign was
not financed by this boys family advisor but she had
hired him í98 to advice her on her campaign strategy.

Your conclusion, though is correct. Haitians do need
to get involved in the political and judicial process.
And they will Ö eventually. It is starting, El Portal,
North Miami, a.o., next steps Tallahassee, Dade
County, who knows. Letís all support them. I am
talking putting our money were our mouth is. Just like
the Cubans! 

Dirk de Groen
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