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#1835: Re: #1718: English Classes in Haiti (fwd)

From: Steven Zurcher <szurcher@aloha.com>

I am a former missionary and served in Haiti just 5 miles south of Pignon
for a number of years.  I assume you are going to work at L'Hopital
Bienfaisance.  I am acquainted with Dr. Guy and his work there.  I returned
to the U.S. in 1987.

There is not much practical use of English in Pignon beyond being able to
read English instructions on medical and pharmaceutical supplies or working
for the few English speaking people in the area.  However, speaking English
is a status symbol.  It is taught (poorly) in some high schools.  And, of
course, many have dreams of one day going to the U.S.

I trust you will enjoy your time in Pignon.  There are many wonderful
people there.

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