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#1846: Jean Jean-Pierre responds to Professor Michel DeGraff (post#1838) (fwd)

From: Jean Jean-Pierre <jean@acd-pc.com>

Professor DeGraff, your analogy on the metaphorical usage of certain
words in English –and,  I’m certain, in many other languages- is well
taken.  However, I never meant to imply that the use of  active -and
even forceful- language was the domain of  our Creole. I rather spoke
of  a  form of violent vocabulary –or perhaps should I have said “choice
of words”-, but not the Creole language itself.  I think it’s a stretch
for you to suggest that I would attribute any kind of violent behavior
to the nature of  a language spoken by a whole people (see your post

When some of  us  say “M’pral KRAZE  ti Marie” (I’m going to have sex
with Marie),  there is strong chance that we use KRAZE to demean Marie.
Which sometimes leads to using violence –physical or other kinds-
against Marie.
When a Tonton Macoute says “M’pral KRAZE bouda’w” (I’m going to beat the
shit out of you), he usually does do that literally.

I know this your field, but don’t you agree that, in most occasions, the
form of language we use tends to direct our actions?

Jean Jean-Pierre