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#1841: School for Life: A Creole Literacy & Acculturation Program (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <webmaster@windowsonhaiti.com>

I received this information from Mgr. Thomas Rinsky in Miami,
and thought it might be of interest to members of the list residing
in South Florida, as well as others.

Announcing School for Life - LekÚl Lavi A
A Creole Literacy & Acculturation Program
by Catholic Charities - Pierre Toussaint Center

Acculturation activities:
. Understanding your rights in the U.S.
. Review of available social services for the elderly
including transportation, meals, and housekeeping services
. U.S. Social Security System
. Disease prevention and health maintenance
. Dealing with chronic and acute diseases
. Nutrition
. Job search and U.S. labor market venues
. Bridging the gap between Haitians and American cultures, traditions, and
. Identity crisis among Haitian youth
. Strategies for handling child/teenage misbehavior
. Coping with parental stress
. Staying in charge by establishing and maintaining family behavior codes
. Understanding the public school system
. Monitoring your child's academic performance
. Crime prevention
. Drug abuse and its consequences
. Building a life in America
. The media and society
. Visits to libraries and bookstores

For more inforation, contact:
Catholic Charities "Pierre Toussaint Center"

Miami-Dade: 130 N.E. 62nd  Street, Miami FL 33138
(305) 758-2462

Broward: 1210 N.W. 6th Avenue, Pompano Beach, FL 33060
(954) 941-0722

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!