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#1839: Two French tourists found dead in south of Haiti (fwd)


Two French tourists found dead in south of Haiti 
02:07 p.m Jan 13, 2000 Eastern 

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Jan 13 (Reuters) - The bodies of a Frenchman, his
daughter and their Haitian driver have been found near the southern
Haitian town of Jacmel, all bearing serious injuries, police said on
Thursday. Fernand Mullier, 53, and his daughter Celine, 17, were found
dead on Wednesday at separate sites around Jacmel. Blood stained the
ground around them and they had head and face  injuries, police
spokesman Louis Andr Joan-Mary told  Reuters. Their Haitian driver,
Aubin Aspil, was also found dead with similar injuries, Joan-Mary said.
The hire car they were travelling in was stolen and has not been found. 

 Mullier, his wife Yveline and their daughter had entered Haiti on Jan 6
and were staying at Cyvadier Beach. The Jacmel area is a tourist
destination in this Caribbean nation racked by grinding poverty and
political instability. The French Embassy said the family was from
northern  France and referred other queries to the local police.      
Yveline Mullier was not with her husband and their daughter at the time
of their death. Joan-Mary was unable to give any information concerning
a possible motive for the crime. There were no further details
immediately available. YThe tragedy deals another blow to Haiti's
struggling tourist industry. In December last year Club Med closed its
village'Magic Haiti'at Montrouis, north of Port-au-Prince, one of the
 largest tourist operations in the country. Club Med cited lack of
customers and Haiti's poor infrastructure and high crime rate as reasons
for the closure.