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#1871: Susan Krabacher: Knowles comments

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

Before Christmas we had some posts about Susan Krabacher and her Foundation
for Worldwide Mercy and Sharing.  Richard Morse, I believe it was, said he
heard a German TV crew came over to do a story, couldn't verify the project,
and went home saying it must be some hoax.

This left a negative hanging out there, and I wonder if anyone in PAP has
inquired further.  I've just read several newspaper stories and foundation
newsletters Susan sent along, and it certainly looks real to me.

There is an argument that it's better to support programs that build jobs,
education, and justice than to help sick and often disabled, often abandoned
little kids. Let's not go there  -  that is really a choice for each of us
to make.  What should not be questioned, however, is the importance of
having correct information.  From Susan Krabacher's TV (ABC, Diane Sawyer)
interview, from their web site, and from all the material I've just read,
it's pretty clear she and her husband have put enormous, faith-based effort,
compassion, and resources into several projects for orphan kids in PAP. A
large number of kids, it is said, are getting daily meals and medical
attention. Serious, discouraging problems with General Hospital staff  -
ruses, bribes, desperate tricks by hungry people trying to short circuit
Foundation food and help - have been encountered and dealt with.

I'd like to know why the German crew left thinking it was all vaporware, and
establish the truth for all of us in Corbettland. Then each of us can make
private decisions as to whether to go further.

Phil Knowles