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#1876: a story about family unity : White comments

From: steven white <stevelong@spyral.net>

Dear Corbetteers,

Every so often my wife, Emilia, sends some money to friends and
relatives in Haiti.  It's usually a long list and the money is divided
up many ways. Last month she went back home to the countryside in the
south of Haiti for a visit.  A lot of people came to the house to greet
her, and to say thank you for the cash we send for them as often as we
can.  Among them was her uncle 'Ti-piman'.  He told her that a couple of
years ago times were very hard, since there had been little rainfall.
He was sitting in his house with his wife asking "what are we going to
do".  Then his nephew came to the door and handed him and envelope and
said  "here is what Emilia and Steve sent for you". Ti-pimen was so
grateful for this little bit of help that came unexpectedly when he
really needed it.  He said "thank you so much, you saved my life".
While Emilia was there, Ti-piman came over every day.  He brought
firewood  before breakfast and chopped it with a hatchet, he brought
green peas, coconuts, sugarcane, grapefruits, and more.  With all the
problems and arguments I have been reading lately, I thought this story
of family unity would be appreciated.