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#1881: Susie Krabacher's lookin' good - Durban reports (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Yes, I recall that slightly negative insinuation re. Ms
Krabacher's work at the General Hospital which Phil Knowles
recently commented on.  In fact, I wondered at the time if
indeed this was just another scam, albeit an elaborate one.

Unlike Phil, I have seen no literature from her Foundation
and missed the Good Morning America segment, but Bob
Corbett and I have a mutual friend in Haiti who confirmed
some of the facts.  Our friend, Bob Lieske, is an older
fellow, a saint really, who has contributed countless hours
and almost all of his personal resources to helping
physically handicapped poor people in Haiti.  Many of those
hours have been spent at the General Hospital from where,
after considerable effort a couple of years back, he was
successful in transferring a number of abandoned, sickly
children to a private orphanage better able to care for

I asked him about Susie Krabacher, who evidently was
working at the General Hospital around the same time he
was, and although he could not confirm her by name, he was
quite sure he knew who I was talking about and, yes, she
had had a bundle of problems trying to bring help to young
children at the hospital.  Bob pointed out that anyone who
volunteered time working for no pay at the General Hospital
in Port-au-Prince is probably NOT someone who would run a
scam to enrich herself.  No disagreement from me on that

Lance P. Durban

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