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#1890: U.S. tourist shot dead in Haiti (fwd)


WIRE:01/17/2000 16:37:00 ET U.S. tourist shot dead in Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - A U.S. tourist was shot dead in  the north  
of Haiti by men who stole the Suzuki Samurai car she  was driving and
left her husband unharmed, police said  Monday.   An investigation of
the crime, which took place Saturday  afternoon in Source Puantes, was
under way but no arrests had  been made,according to police spokesman
Jean-Dady Simeon.  
The woman, whose identity was not released, was shot  twice  before her
husband was forced from the vehicle, a police  investigator said. There
were no further details immediately  available. The incident is the
second in less than a week involving the killing of foreign nationals in
Haiti.  The bodies of a French citizen, his daughter and their  Haitian
driver were found Wednesday near Jacmel, in the  impoverished Caribbean
nation's south. Five people have been  arrested in that case, police