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#1897: Tourist shot dead. Delatour comments. (fwd)

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

from Mario L. Delatour mardel@gol.com

Dear Mr. Zennie,

You ask "what the hell is wrong with our country". Just ask yourself how
many other Haitians have asked themselves the same question. I understand
your anger and I share your frustration.What point is there really in
wasting precious lives and in such a brutal and senseless manner.The
tragedy will be further aggravated when
Haitian authorities come up with an almost certain "L'enquete se poursuit"
(The investigation continues).
One thing that I will tell you that is certainly wrong with our country, is
that they are always devious minds working overtime to futher their
political and economic gains at all cost.If there is one thing that's very
sophisticated in Haiti,it is terror.We Haitians have mastered the art of
hurting people where it really hurts.In the process of hurting others we
bring more upon hurt ourselves.The question that i have always asked is
"who is behind all of this and why".Tradionaly there has always been a rash
of violence preceding any election in Haiti.Dont you find the timing of
these killings a bit odd ? Why the sudden urge to target and hurt
foreigners ? Since do we target foreigners ?Once upon a time targeting
foreigners was off limits.With the absence of any working judicial system
in Haiti, the evil forces can function at will and with impunity.What is
there to fear when in the end a simple "l'enquete se poursuit" will
suffice. To the inexperienced eye these killings may appear to be random
acts of violence,I believed them to be connected and they carry a very
strong message "Haitian style".The american flag will be lowered at Camp
Fairwind this thursday,the remaining US troops are leaving.It's open
season,brace yourself there is more to come.Certain political forces in
Haiti see too much foreign meddling in the upcoming elections. The message
here is "Blan Min Pa" (take this Foreigner) "Blan Bam Peyi" (Foreigner go
home).The terror is sophisticated in that the assasins will probably never
be apprehended but the logic really in all its terror is quite
simple.Whenever I hear "l'enquete se poursuit" not only do I know that the
case has been shelved but I often think of the late Maurice Sixto who
refered to it as "Languette ce boul suif,affai ti neg pas jam simple" (a
short version translation:Haitian matters are never simple)

Mario L. Delatour
Tokyo Japan

m to be connected.