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#1908: GOOD NEWS : Bon Nouvel available on line

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

Father Jan Hoet, director of BON NOUVEL, just sent a message to let us know 
that this monthly Kreyol newspaper, can now be re-contacted via internet. By 
the way, that's the only (monthly) Kreyol newspaper that has been coming out 
since 1967. All the others that started have stopped. It's never too late to 
wish BON NOUVEL, Father Jan (the director), and the whole team Happy New 
Year! If by any chance you go to Haiti, please stop by their office on "ri 

We hope that this newspapers hold on tightly in the new century. And taking 
a yearly subscription (for not too much $ at all) is one of the best ways to 
help supporting the Kreyol Movement in Haiti and also literacy programs in 
the people's language (that should take place). Get in touch with Father Jan 
right now via email (bonnouvel@mail.kanet.net (home), 
bonnouvel@rehred-haiti.net (Bon Nouvèl) to put your name on their 
subscription list.

monthly reader

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