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#E14: Re: #1902: Tourists shot dead. Bell replies to Lyall (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

I'd be first to admit that things are spooky right now-- I had/have some 
long range plans similar to Lyall's and the news that persons in my 
category have been added to the scorecard is not encouraging.

But let's try not to be scared out too quickly.   Opportunistic banditry 
could account for these events, though the timing is suspicious and I fear 
Simidor's suggestions of political motives have merit.  If it's 
opportunistic banditry, Haiti is still probably safer than New York or 
Miami.  If it's a political campaign to frighten off foreigners, I doubt 
it's likely to be long-term even if the bad guys win  (there's just no 
long-term percentage for anyone in murdering tourists).

In the short term it would be better not to yield to scare 
tactics.  Question for the group: if you don't want to cancel your travel 
to Haiti, what new precautions should be taken to fit the new 
circumstances?  As much as we've heard so far, the last batch of victims 
had not broken the old set of rules....