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#1922: Problems & Hardly any Solutions (fwd)


I have been a silent participant for some time. Sometimes I find the nerve and time to say a thing or two. I must say that I find it extremely difficult to follow some of your messages because to say it short, some of you talk too much. I don't want to sound unappreciative because I've enjoyed and learned so much from all of you. I read every news article that comes this way. And I donít want to seem indifferent but brevity goes a longer way than rhetoric. Maybe some of you need to run for office, because you find a way to speechify everything. ďThe history of this The history of that. The problem of this. The problem of that. The problem, the problem.Ē  Itís quite frustrating to read something and have to ask at the end, What was his point? And/Or Whatís the solution? I love solutions. 

I think there are a lot of problems with Haiti. You canít begin to come up with solutions for the future without revisiting the past, but must we stay stuck there? Sometimes I wonder if I am shallow for not wanting to be a part of this cultural conversation. Iím not even too sure if what some of you say is totally accurate. However, since I wouldnít know any better, I wonít dispute its validity. What I suggest is you state the problem, then the solution. Iíve noticed that some of you do a splendid job of outlining your points, gripes, or solutions. This works. At least for me. If I need details, Iíll ask. I realize that a great many of you have accomplished a lot and have a wealth of knowledge that you are dying to share, but do it in increments. Honestly, I feel bombarded. I taught for two years and I learned that people retain information easier when theyíve been given enough time to process that information. I have saved so many messages thinking, ďUh-Oh, this is a long one Iíll get to that one another time.Ē Just to delete it later on because itís been in my box for ages and its too long! 

Mr. Morse (and a few others), whoever you are, you must be an instructor. Or you should be. I donít know if I agree with every point you make, but I can follow it. Thanks. 

I hope I didnít bruise anybodyís ego. Not my intentions at all. If you disagree and think I need to shut up, pay attention, listen and learn because all of this mumbo-jumbo means something, tell me. I donít want to miss anything. And this is probably the longest message Iíll ever remit. Nuff Said.

Peace and Guidance,