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#1940: Sugar processing in Quiskeya (fwd)

From: J. David Lyall <david@lyalls.net>

>The last of the big commercial sugar mills were closed down in the late 
>1980's (including HASCO) because the Haitian business elite who owned them 
>realised they could make higher profits by importing sugar from abroad. In a 
>land where sugar cane grew in abundance for three centuries, there is 
>nowhere for sugar cane to be processed (on a large scale), nowhere for sugar 
>to be produced, no domestic sugar production, no domestic employment, no 
>domestic market, no equitable economic development...

I don't know the Hasco situation but I have seen sugar refineries burned
to the ground in Ti Rivye. Dechoukaj sure feels good to the spirit I am sure,
but empty bellies are the necessary consequence of capital destruction.

Perhaps the Cubans will be ceded the NorthWest.
J. David Lyall,
  [ Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-Swahili ]