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#1946: New book on History of the Haitian Baptists (fwd)

From: Daniel Schweissing <dan_schweissing@hotmail.com>

From: <Daniel M. Schweissing> dan@haitianministries.net

_Pioneers of Light: Stories of the Baptist Witness in Haiti, 1823-1998_ by 
former missionary Ivah Heneise has recently been released.

The summary on the back cover reads as follows:

"My kerosene lamp flickers.  The pre-dawn stillness is boken only by the 
sound of crickets and the faint, rythmic throbbing of a drum in the 
distance.  No, there is another sound, drifting down from some faraway 
hillside on the soft night air . . ."

Thus begins Ivah Heneise's fascinating narrative of Baptist mission work in 
Haiti, from its beginnings in 1823 to the present.  Skillfully interwoven 
with missionary letters, this account brings to life those intrepid pioneers 
who carried the gospel to a country whose people desperately needed it.

In 1947, Ivah and Harold Heneise were appointed as American Baptist 
missionaries to Haiti, where they founded the first theological seminary in 
that country.  Beginning with three students in primitive grass-roofed 
buildings, over the years they created a classical curriculum on an 
attractive modern campus.  While teaching Church History, Mrs. Heneise 
realized there was no integrated account of the Church's presence in Haiti.  
Her research resulted in a doctoral thesis, on which this book is based.  
Endowed with energy and initiative, she also assumed leadership in 
responding to critical needs in the community such as summer camps, and 
adult literacy center, vocational arts center, elementary school, and 
open-air clinic.

After 40 years of service in Haiti the Heneises retired, moving to northern 
Florida in 1991.  When the Seminary was expanded into the Christian 
University of North Haiti in 1994, the Heneises co-founded the International 
Christian Education Fund as a channeling instrument of support.  Mrs. 
Heneise died in 1999.

Copies of this book may be ordered for $15/each from:

The International Christian Education Fund
P.O. Box 56
Penney Farms, Florida 32079
(904) 284-4165

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