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#1963: From one of the silent listmembers (fwd)


I have to admit I'm happy about Bob's decision to cut down on personal 

I am one of the more silent list members.  I used to write more when I first 
joined a few years ago but then I began to weigh the "consequences" of my 
posts.  For example, I had a sweet yet relevant anecdote that I wanted to 
share with the list just after this past Christmas.  I thought it would make 
a nice contribution.  But the more I thought about it the more I anticipated 
all the underlying ideas that people would extract from my otherwise innocent 
post.  In the end I decided not to post it.  Being one of the "lightweights" 
on the list, I have to admit to not having the tough skin that is sometimes 
needed of listmembers.

One the other hand, I have to say I really enjoy all the exchange of ideas.  
Rarely is such openness possibly, especially in such a politically correct 
United States.  And I commend the "heavyweights" like Guy Antoine who are 
willing to put themselves out there time and time again for the sake of 
discussion and idea exchange.  I feel, too, that contributors like Richard 
Morse, from inside Haiti, have really added a much needed perspective to this 
otherwise diaspora list.

Marian Pierre-Louis