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#1968: Re:#1949: Wharram asks of Laleau

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sylvania.sev.org>

In Nancy's post she says, "These stories are not exaggerations -- in
fact, if you think they are bad, you haven't heard anything yet.  What
is going on deep inside the countryside is far, far worse."
What precisely is Nancy referring to "deep inside the countryside" as
being far worse?  Is she referring to attacks on tourists; robberies or
just what?  I have gone to Haiti annually since 1987, doing short term
mission work, i.e.  helping construct schools, clinics and churches,
with Ministries in Action (MIA).  We have always been "deep inside the
countryside" in places like Cotin, east of Croix-des-Bouquets, and
Flamands and Dariole, on the southern coast between Aquin and Jacmel.
As far as attacks by zenglendos, we have felt safer here than in Port au
Prince.  I am starting to plan for another trip to Dariole in August
and, although I haven't heard anything from MIA or the resident MIA
nurse in Dariole, I am curious as to whether Nancy was referring to
safety in these types of locations or exactly what she had in mind.
I am fully aware of the extremely bad economic conditions in those
remote locations - one might say even worse than under "Papa Doc" and
"Baby Doc".

Bruce Wharram