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#1970: Re: #1951: Reliable Organizations? Wharram comments

From: Bruce Wharram <bruce.wharram@sylvania.sev.org>

In Tetgren's post #1951, two basic questions are asked:
"Where might I or any one else find a link to "reliable" organizations
for Haiti?  And what's the criteria for determining whether an
organization is reliable or not?"

A "reliable organization" for Haiti is Ministries in Action (MIA) and
their link can be found at <www.mia.org>.  I quote from Ministries in
Action's Project Ebenezer brochure:  "Project Ebenezer is a ministry of
Ministries in Action, Inc., which is involved in helping people to help
themselves, through the development of clinics; health education
programs; potable water; schools and economic projects, such as crafts;
agriculture; small businesses, etc.  The projects are owned and managed
by nationals who have been trained by MIA."  MIA's Project Ebenezer
coordinator can be contacted by e-mail <hyacinth@mia.org>.
I, and various members of my family, have been going to Haiti with
Project Ebenezer work teams since 1987 helping to build schools,
churches and clinics.  We have found this experience to be extremely
rewarding to us as well as beneficial to the local Haitians.  The MIA
resident nurse in Dariol has started three clinics (in Cotin, Flamands
and Dariol) as well as helped to expand the school in Dariol.  Through
this relationship, approximately two dozen children have been sponsored
by various  members of our work team members and members of our church,
to have the opportunity to go to school.  Although I'm not sure what
Tetgren's definition of reliable would be, in my opinion this should
answer the question for "determining whether an organization is reliable
or not."

When I read Bob Corbett's post #1777, regarding "How can we help?", it
was almost like he had taken a page out of MIA's book.  Thanks Bob for
your excellent commentary on how to help Haiti.

Bruce Wharram