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#1975: Re: #1957: In Search of an Appropriate Authoritarian for a "Democratic Ayiti" : Poincy comments

From: Jean Poincy <caineve@idt.net>

	If we go down the list to pick an authoritarian Ayitian leader that was
benevolent, I certainly agree that there is not many to find. However,
going back to history and right at Ayiti's simultaneous inception and
disintegration, we can pinpoint one and only one: Henri Christophe was
somewhat successful and could have been fully successful had it not been
for the selfishness and the hatred of Petion and his clique. 

	I do think there is much to learn and solutions to find from Ayitian
history starting with the era of Toussaint Louverture to end right at
the classic coup of Petion. We can't ignore the fact that societies are
administered either by superior or inferior minds. The success or
failure of a society to become a decent one is the indicator of what
kind of minds were governing. For instance: when comparing the
Toussaint, Dessalines, Christophe's camp to Petion's clique (excluding
Rigaud; himself had disapproved Petion's mismanagement and pulled the
south from Petion's rule upon his return, then we had three republics in
one North, West and South), the result of what Ayiti has become today
indicates clearly that the latter group, as it prevailed for years, was
of the inferior kind.

	Any simple observer when looking at the accomplishment of Toussaint and
Christophe, s/he would not hesitate to categorize this group as the
superior kind. Under them we can see sign of progress. I avoid
mentioning Dessalines, because he did not have the time. But considering
that the three had shared the same philosophy the success of Toussaint
and Christophe can also speak for Dessalines. 

	Hence, in going back to Ayiti's own history to find solutions the type
of authoritarian leaders that might be able to do the job, we would have
to be selective in which group to select a form of government, the type
of laws to institute etc. Delving in Toussaint's administrative policies
one will find a wealth of ways to administer and ensure security in a
society and bring prosperity. If Ayitian authorities allow themselves to
go through some of Toussaint policies, they will be able to change

	Henri Christophe, a good pupil had successfully made excellent
application of them and Dessalines apart from its 1805 constitution, his
shrewdness in administering was aborted. This constitution alone can be
a model to follow for today's Ayiti. I said all this to underline, if
such a leader was found once, he can be found again. 

	The flood of inferior minds that plagues Ayiti today should not lead us
to think that is impossible to find. Myself, apart from stretching my
brain for the post-authoritarian leader that would do the job, my mind
goes blank on where and how to find such a leader. Maybe s/he would have
to announce itself before the people. We are so much entrenched with the
democratic fantasy that if they are there now, they are too scared to
expose themselves as such. 

	The idea that lust and power would transform such an individual is to
be discounted because it comes with the territory. We can't even think
of preventing such a manifestation, if we want such kind of leaders.
However, they would know that the country's poverty couldn't nurture
such lust and power for long. If they wish to make it last they just
have to work and make things happen in the country while everybody would
reap the benefits. I think that would be a fair deal for all. From an
evil we would get the good. The general Namphy with the CNG missed a
golden opportunity, the time was his to do so, butů

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live