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#1973: Project Teach looking for teacher volunteers (fwd)

From: Joanis <joanis@sympatico.ca>

Volunteer opportunity in Haiti

     Project Teach is a teacher-training initiative. Every summer, a
group of volunteer teachers from all over North America and Europe
(approximately 10 in the group) go to Haiti to deliver a two-week
professional development seminar to about 250 Haitian teachers. We cover
a variety of subjects (French, Math, Science....), going over lesson
planning and delivery, classroom management and
teaching strategies, evaluation, etc.  We also stress children's rights,
focusing specifically on the issue of corporal punishment.

This year the course will take place at Les Cayes, July 10-23.  We still
have three teacher openings:  social studies, science, and French.  We
are also looking for a nurse to complete the team.

To find out more, please see our web site at:

If you think you may be interested, please e-mail me directly at
"joanis@sympatico.ca"   You can use the form below if you wish.


   Why I want to join Project Teach:

   Teaching experience:

   Subjects that I would be prepared to teach:

   Language I would be teaching in:

   Previous experiences with similar projects:

   Previous visits to Haiti:

   Date of application: