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#E41: Chris Cheatham introduces himself (fwd)


First off I would like to apologize for my late introduction, I was hard 
pressed to reach a computer last week.

    My name is Chris Cheatham, I am a 20 year old junior, studying early 
childhood education at Webster University.  I spent my first semester of 
college at a Central Methodist College, which is about 20 minutes north of 
Columbia, Missouri.  I didn't like the school or the town that much for that 
matter and I transferred that winter and have been at Webster ever since.  
    I have lived in St.Louis most of my life.  I lived here until I entered 
Kindergarten, then my family moved to Witchita Kansas, where I lived until my 
half way through my 5th grade year.  From that point on I have lived in 
St.louis.  The rest of my schooling up until college took place in the 
Brentwood school district.
    Now I am enrolled full-time at Webster University, and play baseball on 
the university's baseball team.  When I am not at school I am generally 
working at the Schnucks in Clayton trying to pay my rent by stocking the 
shelves.  If I have any free time it is generally spent with my friends, 
reading a book, or catching up on a long lost joy called Sleep.
    My hectic schedule is what brought me to this class.  I thought that 
since their is no set class meeting period I would have freedom to read the 
material and do the work in-between my other time consuming tasks.
    Well, I just wanted to share a little about myself with the rest of you, 
since I have all ready read about you, I thought it only fare.