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#1998: RE: #1990: Re: #1945: Haitian radio on the web (fwd)

From: Norm Houde <servant@servant.net>


Here's the url for Haiti Vision 2000:  http://www.radiovision2000.com/

Just click on this url and you can register with V2000 and get their

When Real Audio opens the file save it as a real audio favorite.

You'll always have it available when you open Real Audio.

You'll also need to enter your correct password the first time you use it on
Real Audio.

Jesus is Always Faithful,

Norm Houde


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From: felix augustin <felix_augustin@hotmail.com>

Does anyone know what happen to radio vision 2000.  I used to listen to it
on the net but it's been a while I've been trying and can no longer get

Felix Augustin