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#2010: Dreaming for a better Haiti : Delatour dreams with Slavin

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

>From Mario L. Delatour  mardel@gol.com

Folks, Pratrick Slavin has asked me "What kind of drugs am I on in
Tokyo".Patrick,I am on "dreaming drugs"for a prosperous Haiti.We have all
of the answers to Haiti's problems right here on this list.What a pool of
talent we have here,800 + members ,educated,knowledgable with love and
concern for Haiti.I am really surprised no one from the list has taken the
iniative to run for president of Haiti.I would not mind the post, but I am
a triple "Diaspo".I was born in Venezuela,I am currently a US citizen and I
have residence status in Japan.I would need your support to amend the
constitution so that I could become president.In return I would reward my
supporters with Government post.I would appoint the following list members
as part of my progressive government.

MAX BLANCHET: I would appoint you Governor of the Central Bank.I like you
because you seem concern about the Gourde.You may want to hire the services
of my brother Leslie,a former Governor himself.I want fiscal "rigidity" and
"Accountability".But PLEASE go easy on the foreign reserves and dont give
Teleco any more money.

GUY ANTOINE:I would appoint you PRIME MINISTER.I like liberals and I also
have much respect for a man who enjoys"Soup Joumou".I would expect
flexibility on your part as you would have to work with DANIEL SIMIDOR in
the domain of JUSTICE.

JEAN POINCY:I like your fiscal ideas and I also like the fact that you
would want to abolish elections for at least a generation.There is much
work to be done in Haiti,I would want to remain in power for at least 30
years.You are absolutely right, we need to show our people the right
direction.You could be a good man in my corner.
DANIEL SIMIDOR: I would appoint you as Minister of Justice as you seem to
be thirsty for justice for our people.It is a noble and just cause.But
PLEASE no "Dechoukage" and no "Revolutions". I would also insist on 
harmony between you and my PRIME MINISTER.

JOEL DREYFUSS: I would appoint you as "MINISTRE du 10eme departement".You
would know how to deal with the "Diaspos"and you would no longer be a
disgruntled "Diaspo"yourself.

RICHARD MORSE: I would appoint you to the post of "CHEF DES BALS
POPULAIRES".As your distinguished grandfather "Candio" and your mother
Emerante des Pradines, you know how to entertain a good crowd.Its important
to keep our people dancing.When there is dancing, there is no time to
forment revolutions.

NEKITA: Women would play a very important role in my government that is why
I would appoint you as MINISTRE DE L'EDUCATION NATIONALE.As an educator who
taught for 20 years,you know the scoop.Creole would be the official
and you would have to follow the directives of Professor DesGraff.

NANCY LALEAU:You strike me as a no nonsense kind of a woman that is why I
would appoint you as MINISTRE DE LA CONDITION FEMININE.I would want you to
tackle the serious issues facing our women in Haiti.Notably this nagging
problem of "Jalousie".

PART II & III of my appointments will follow as I must get back to the
real world."BLANCS" dont despair,I will appoint a good many of you
too.There will also be room for "Vodouizans" and "Missionaries".

Mario L.Delatour du Parti MDP.(Parti "Min Diaspo Yo" English- Here comes
the Diapora)