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#2023: Re: Dreaming for a better Haiti : Antoine responds to Delatour (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <webmaster@windowsonhaiti.com>

I accept my appointment as PRIME MINISTER, and hereby tend in
my resignation (five minutes later.... which is all the time it takes to
sample the Presidential Soup Joumou, and declare "Windows on
Haiti" a National Treasure).  I was prompted to resign due to an
advance report from the local Reuters Bureau which is announcing
that " the Prime Minister of The Poorest Country in The Western
Hemisphere has been dechouked by his Minister of Justice, who
had been observed hanging around the kitchen and talking to the
cooks who were hired to concoct the weekly Ministerial Soup
Joumous. Such conspiratorial conduct was leaked to the PM who
decided that it was safer to relinquish his duties before a
full-fledged anti-Soup Joumou revolution took place and return to
his beloved diaspos. "

The article ended with some mumbo-jumbo about American troops
returning democracy to Haiti, but this appears irrelevant to the current

Though I cannot confirm the authenticity of this Reuters article, as
they say... "atansyon pa kapon" (paying heed to danger signals is
no lack of courage).  After all, in this country, we are all bananas.
Not being sure that I qualify for a military C-130 plane, I will take the
first boat out of the country, taking the cautionary measure of renaming
myself "Elian"  Dolphins and angels will guide me back to Diaspoland.
As a matter of fact, I intend to swiftly apply for the position of
that just opened up in Bagnolet, France.  I expect my income there
will be supplemented with the monthly distribution that I am sure to
receive by presidential decree from President Delatour.  After all,
I would say to his critics that I faithfully served his government for five
whole minutes, with no thoughts of dechoukaj whatsoever.  Who could
be more deserving?

Now, from the relative tranquility (hilarity) of Bagnolet, I can relish the
friction that will sure rise between kanson-fè and kanson-fè. A good
show to all!

(kanson-fè = steel underwear)

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!