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#2028: Dreaming for a better Haiti Part II : Delatour continues

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>

The MDP (Parti MIN DIASPO YO) Government appointees for a prosperous Haiti.

The way I see it,the "Blancs"are dishing out the money to keep our
ministries running,so we. might as well hand them some jobs too.Paryski
tells us as of now 3 Billion dollars have been spent since 1994.Lets not be
freeloaders and show them our gratitude with some government post.Lets work
very hard to amend our constitution so they can be included too.I would
appoint the following "Blancs"on the list.

AMY WILENTZ: One of the reasons why we are isolated is because we dont play
baseball.This has to change so we can have a Sammy Sosa too.I would appoint
you as BASEBALL COMMISSIONER.Your job is to prepare us for the next world
series.Really I am tired of seeing Sammy's face on Tokyo subways.We need a
Haitian baseball superstar.Think what that would do for tourism.We could
flood Haiti with Japanese.While we are it Amy,I could sure use your
influence over TITID to keep him in check during my presidency because the
man knows how to maneuver.

to get our trees back in order.I want you to be strict with
offenders.Offenders could be made to climb PIC MACAYA up and down,up and
down...They will see the beauty of trees and they'll think about the treck
next time they cut a tree down.

GREG CHAMBERLAIN. I would revive the old Ministere de l'Information and
make you MINISTRE DE L'INFORMATION.Your first task would be to change the
"PHRASE".With your ties to the foreign press you could influence these guys
to write something else.For all of your hard work Mr.Morse could name a
suite after you at the Oloffson Hotel and Aubelin Jolicoeur could flatter
you in his "Rubrique sociale".

PATRICK SLAVIN: I need an IMAGE MAKER in New York.You need to work with the
Spin Doctors on Madison Ave to upgrade our image.The Ministere de
l'information will work hand in hand with you.We must change this business
of Cite soleil generic shots on TV.

DAVID YOUNG: After 45 years of your involvement with Haiti,it is high time
that we give you a job.I would want you to be director of our FILM
INSTITUTE.I want progressive films with social relevance much like ICAIC in
Havana Cuba.No experimental N.Y stuff PLEASE.I also want a great archival
film section so Haitian kids can see what we used to look like in the old

LOUIS FOXWELL:I would split le Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres et des
Cultes in half and give you the Ministere des Cultes.Your business sir, is
to sort out these flaky American missionaries that are using the lord's
name in vain in Haiti.As Vaudou is strong in Haiti you would also have to
share your office with our resident "MAMBO" and BEBE PIERRE LOUIS.

SUE SEITZ: Last but not least,I would appoint you SECRETAIRE D'ETAT AU
TOURISME. I want you to flood our beautiful beaches with "Gringos".Jean
Saurel could not bring them,Aubelin left the Office du Tourisme with a
stack of Bills and Maryse Penette is not even on the radar screen.I need a
"Blanc"in that post.It takes one to know one.For all you your hard work you
could have the Oloffson Hotel back but in the form of a replica in
Labadie.The Dominicans copied it in Sausua why not redo it in
Labadie.Identical with a Aubelin Jolicoeur statue to greet tourist.

Mario L.Delatour .  Parti MDP "MIN DIASPO YO".