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#2054: hermaphrodite lwa? (fwd)


I hate to distract anyone from all this discussion about the great problems 
of Haiti but i'm hoping someone can help me start to figure this one out. I 
was recently proposed to by Ezili Boron. The thing is I thought Ezili Boron 
was a female lwa and I'm a woman and I hadn't heard of same sex mystical 
marriages before. However, it turns out that Ezili Boron is actually a 
hermaphrodite and marries both men and women (that is, the female gendered 
Ezili Boron marries men, the male gendered marries women). I was also told 
that Ezili Boron is the northern equivalent of Ezili Je Rouge. So these are 
my questions: Is Ezili Je Rouge also a hermaphrodite? Or is Ezili Boron not 
exactly the equivalent of Ezili Je Rouge? Are there other hermaphrodite lwa? 
Or lwa that are ambiguously gendered? Are there same sex marriages between 
humans and lwa? That is, can a man marry Ogoun or a woman marry Ezili Freda? 
Or is Ezili Boron a special case? I'd really appreciate some help with this, 
especially since my Vodouisant friends in PaP have never heard of Ezili Boron 
and so aren't very helpful about this yet. Thanks.