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#2057: Re: #2028: Delatour continues...Aubelin Where R U? (fwd)


Delatour Wrote:
<< SUE SEITZ: Last but not least,I would appoint you SECRETAIRE D'ETAT AU
 TOURISME. I want you to flood our beautiful beaches with "Gringos".Jean
 Saurel could not bring them,Aubelin left the Office du Tourisme with a
 stack of Bills and Maryse Penette is not even on the radar screen.I need a
 "Blanc"in that post.It takes one to know one.For all you your hard work you
 could have the Oloffson Hotel back but in the form of a replica in
 Labadie.The Dominicans copied it in Sausua why not redo it in
 Labadie.Identical with a Aubelin Jolicoeur statue to greet tourist.
I'm happy that Delatour has added humor and a little sarcasm over the last 
couple of days...I hope no one took offense..I once read a post by Aubelin on 
the list...I hope he read this ...maybe Richard Morse can make sure he does...

I say...Give the real Aubelin Jolicoeur the job... (a true Haitian celebrity 
and icon)..