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#2059: Needs research help on a family

"Prof. Paul Krause" <krause@unixg.ubc.ca>

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I am trying to finish up a book on a rather remarkable family whose 
origins lie in NC, Va., and Md. and who left the South for Ohio in 1840. 
There, they helped
found an all black town. In 1860, they emigrated to Canada, and then in 
1861, as part of the Haitian Emigration Movement, they sailed for St. 
Marc. I know that
they farmed in the Artibonite somewhere, and that the patriarch of the 
family, a Baptist minister, died in St. Marc in 1865. The family then 
returned to North
On Feb. 8th, I am headed for Haiti. Would you be kind enough to pass 
along whatever advice you might offer about how I might begin to 
reconstruct the lives of
this family while they were in Haiti? Do you know of any archives that 
might have something promising? Do you think that there might be an oral 
tradition about the
Yankees who came in the early 1860s? In any case, a more complete 
decsription of my project, culled primarily from an old NEH grant 
application, follows below.
I hope I have not burdened you with this request, and I thank you in 
advance for your help.
All the best,
Paul Krause