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#2065: Hope (fwd)

From: oloffsonram <oloffsonram@globelsud.net>

I was out in the provinces today and i saw a small crowd of people 
gathered outside a church...maybe twenty or thirty people...some were
getting their voting cards and some were watching...Its begun...there 
seems to be a mild enthusiasm for the cards...the enthusiasm could 
potentially get stronger...Not to be too optimistic, some are saying 
they'll get the cards but may not vote...Some like the idea of a free 
identification card with a photo...there's rumors that fake birth 
certificates are being made up so that the under-aged can vote...Most 
of the press reports are about the destruction of certain electoral 
offices...the places where violence has occurred is disproportionately 
small compared to places where there hasn't been any violence... 
Problems seem to be occurring (hearsay) when people who didn't get 
paying jobs at the voting stations get angry...So many people 
sacrificed so much for this chance at self determination, I would hate 
to see it crumble...

richard morse