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#2061: Mario's Cabinet (fwd)


Dear Mario,

I really liked your slate, and thank you for placing me on it.  I will accept 
until anybody else in the Cabinet disagrees with me, physically assaults me, 
or otherwise hurts my feelings, and then I will resign in a dignified huff, 
if I am still alive.  If I am dead, will "l'enquet se poursuivre"?  (?please 
fix my grammar!)

As I pictured your Cabinet functioning, I imagined the range of possible 
dialogues between the members -- and now that you have published parts II, 
III, et seq., the plot thickens, and I wish we had been flies on the curb at 
Broadway too, listening to the discussions of the Shadow Cabinet in the 

Ironically, perhaps, you may have inadvertently previsioned at least one part 
of Haiti's dilemma: the inability of well-intentioned people to work 
together.  Those of us in your Cabinet would probably deal with each other as 
miserably as the former "Lavalas" camp has done, if the comments that fly 
back and forth on the List (despite Bob's moderating influence) are any 

if the Dyas Cabinet could learn to get along and collaborate effectively here 
in the comfort of our jobs and computers, without the daily life-and-death 
pressures existing in Haiti, maybe then we would have earned the right to 
just HINT at some directions for solving Haiti's problems.  But until then, 
maybe we ought to keep our mouths shut, do more introspection and 
self-criticism, and less criticism of others.  (If anyone can think of 
someone this applies to that is not him/herself, he/she might have missed my 
point, or is that an extended oxymoron?)  (Please don't criticize me or I'll 
tender my resignation immediately, before the investiture ceremony!)

Nancy Laleau