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#2075: Re: #2028: Dreaming for a better Haiti Part II : Seitz comments on her post


Answer to Dreaming for a better Haiti, Part II.  re: #2028.

What an honor to be appointed by President Delatour as the blanc to bring in 
the Tourists.  As part of this illustrious cabinet, I would indeed suggest 
giant torches are passed from Jeremy to Cap Haitian and the Citadel lit by 
thousands of lights ala the Eiffel Tower for the celebration of the 
This spectacular sight would launch the New Haiti complete with roads to 
everywhere and wonderfully original Auberges all over the countryside run by 
Houngans turned hoteliers, furnished by the Madame Sara Design Team (mixing 
imports with local designs) and filled with Diaspora's children, midwest 
Crackers, sophisticated upscalers and bohemian lowdowners.  
Ah, everything is possible in our dreams.  Always the eternal optimist, I 
believe Haiti could achieve all this.  
Thanks Mario, for letting us dream.  sue seitz