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#2079: Voter Registration : Chris-Shelane reports

From: chris-shelane <chris-shelane_at_a01-000-000@gs-server.globelsud.net>

The CEP announced on Friday that 300,000 had registered to vote across the 
country, with 60,000 in Sud dept, 70,000 in North West,35,000 in South 
East, and 'equally good figures' for the North (where Cape Haitian is) and 
West 2 (The West department was split into two for electoral purposes - 
West 2 doesn't include Port-au-Prince were registration is still blocked 
for the most part).

You don't need a document at all to register - you can get two other people 
who are already registered at the same registration office to vouch for you 
if you don't have one. This is a good thing, in that many people don't have 
documents, and a bad thing, because there are widespread accusations of 
fraud, that people are registering at several offices at once, and in 
particular that under-age youths are being registered without documents.


According to reports out of Cap Haitien, the registration is doing pretty 
well up there. The only problem for the poorest of the poor is the 
requirement either for a Birth Certificate or Card Ident. Some are going back 
to their places of birth for the birth certificate, those who had them are 
getting their Voter Registration cards quickly.