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#2100: Fw: #2047: Black asks: Are There Any ATM's? Delatour replies yes

From: Mario L. Delatour <mardel@gol.com>
 John Black wants to know...Are there any ATMS in Haiti ?
 Believe it or not (Kathie), there are ATM
 machines in Haiti,they are operated by Haiti's largest privately owned
 SOGEBANK. They are two that I know of.One is at CARIBE MARKET,a massive
 concrete structure on Delmas,closer to Petion Ville.I dont think you can
 get $ out of that machine,just Gourdes and i dont know if you need an
 account with SOGEBANK to have access to their ATM's. The second one is
 at their main branch on Delmas,a tall modern skyscraper.There are also
 drive thrus at that bank and another one at the Route de Freres branch.You
 may also want to go to PLAZA 41 in Petion Ville,when I was there 5 months
 ago there was talk of placing an ATM at that shopping Mall.Dont forget to
 look over your shoulders when you are cashing in.In Jacmel there is a
 new Sogebank or Unibank but I doubt very much they would have an ATM.
 Have a good trip
 Mario L. Delatour