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#2111: ...Aubelin Where R U? : Munger comments

From: AMBER L MUNGER <AMBERLY@prodigy.net>

On my last visit to haiti I had this same discussion with Aubelin.  Why
isn't he on the list and here is his autobiography?  Unfortunately, he does
not have ready access to e-mail and he seems as though he has no desire to
participate in computer based discussions.  As for the autobiography, each
time I mentioned it to him he would simply shake it off as if I were
reminding him to take out the garbage before dinner.  It's funny because I
know he wants to write one.  As much as that man has to say you would think
he would have published an autobiography by now.  Anyway, I haven't had any
contact with him for the last few months and I was wondering if anyone knows
how he is doing?  It amazes me how together that little man is.  Walking
through Petionville, half the time I could barely keep up with him!

amber from asheville