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#2107: News coverage and resentments : Lyall comments

From: J. David Lyall <david@lyalls.net>

>Still, the news media follows a certain format, and doing on-site "standups" 
>are part of it. That this crew's tapes were stolen doesn't surprise me: there 
>is an increasing hostility to foreigners going into slum areas in general, 
>and it is further heightened by the presence of a camera. I'm actually 
>surprised it hasn't happened more. 

It appears to me that the pov  have the same resentments as we on
this list, that the news only shows bad news. Folks living in Cite Soleil
know that they have a bad situation and surely resent the fact that
the news people always show the worst. Why don't they show the
streets of tailors and sheetmetal workers and barbecue stands?
These are surely very picturesque by north american standards,
but show people working hard to get ahead in difficult situations.
J. David Lyall,
  [ Jedidiah Daudi in full ki-Swahili ]