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#2128: Re: #2125: Re: #2114: WHAT! TAKE AWAY THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Gill comments

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

one wonders what "dictatorship of the people" would mean, if translated
into political reality.....Mr. Lenin imposed something like this on
Czarist Russia and simply replaced the corrupt oligarchy with the
political elites of marxist socialism, which, as we know, did very
little for the people......the "people" were simply forced into another
form of repression, which will take another 50 years to undo.....

"political reality" re Haiti suggests a continuation of what we
currently find.....topsy turvy at best with no real assurance of what
will happen......

i see an "absolute" involved.....that is, dependency on international
monies for survival.....such a dependency means responding to the
"strings" attached to such monies, and we all know what those "strings"

recall the concessions Mr. Aristide had to make to the "international
community" in order to return as President....these were "strings" and
they are still in place and will be in place until Haiti arrives at a
place where such dependencies are no longer needed......

the "transition" that Haiti is going thru, IF it turns out to be
something that truly moves Haiti in some new direction (please note i
said IF), causes the country to be very vulnerable and unstable.....

the very fact of the instability gives more power to those who hold the
purse "strings".......this is simple reality and i dont see this fact
changing......i mean, what are the real alternatives?  decrying the
impositions of the World Bank, the IMF, the US and/or whomever else has
changed nothing.....