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#2131: Dreaming for a better Haiti Part II : Minister Paryski accepts his post, but asserts his Polish/Haitianness


Mario Delatour 
Shadow President a Vie


I am grateful to accept the great honor of having been named Minister of 
Reforestation.  However, since I am of Polish extract I am entitled to the 
rights of all Haitians (ref 2nd Haitian constitution) and therefore cannot be 
considered a blanc but rather a blanc pays.  As such I demand that my title 
be changed to Minister of the Environment a Vie in line with the fine 
political traditions of my adopted country.  I also demand two vehicles, a 
Range Rover and a Toyota Land Cruiser, deluxe versions, and the right to 50% 
commissions on all contracts I sign.

Using the principle of polluter and environmental degrader payer, all 
environmental criminals would be sentenced to live in a ditch in Cite Soliel  
or in Fond Verrettes.(which was destroyed by cyclone Georges and will again 
be so destroyed) or just beneath the Peligre Dam (which will cede given the 
slightest earthquake) or required to pick up all the Juna and other plastic 
bottles clogging the streets and beaches.  Their homes will then be used as 
site de decharge (waste sites) since no official sites now exist for P-au-P.  

Mario a Vie!

Paul Paryski
membre foundateur  de Parti Politique Lave a Crass formerly known as 
Operation Paryski en Lutte.