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#2136: Fort Dimanche: Dungeon of Death : Desmangles and Corbett make note of new book.

From: leslie desmangles <leslie.desmangles@mail.cc.trincoll.edu>

The book of Patrick Lemoine "Fort Dimanche,Fort La Mort" was translated in 
English and newly published  with the title "Fort Dimanche, 
Dungeon of Death"  Published by FORDI9, P.O. Box 6070 Freeport NY 11520
E-mail: FORDI9@netzero.net or fordi9@yahoo.com

Corbett adds:  the ISBN is 0-9675895-0-9

This 285 page book has the following sections:

1.  Brief historical context from the French Colonists to the Haitian

2.  Caught in the spiral (1971-72)
3.  Life in Obscurity (72-740
4.  Fort-Dimanche:  the abyss (1974-1977)
5.  Back at the Casernes Dessalines (1977)
6.  Partial listing of prisoners who died at Fort-Dimanche (1974-1977)
7.  Epilogue.

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