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#2144: Re: #3135: Re: #2114: WHAT! TAKE AWAY THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Dorce comments


<< I think you misread what was said. The lack of good judgment of the
 Ayitian masses is not due to the fact that they are illiterate. Take a
 close look at Ayitians' behavior. 1) they have a resigned attitude with
 their misery by taking a wait and see approach 2) they are very
 complacent when things are somewhat good and 3) their political
 decisions are based on sheer emotions. >>
This passage just kind of struck me, you are describing human beings, not 
just Haitians.  This is how I would describe voters in the U.S. of A.  People 
mired in poverty here have little motivation to change their condition, heck, 
they don't even vote at al!.  The large, lumbering, sleeping giant of a 
middle class let's the ruling elite keep feeding itself as though it can 
never consume enough because we are comfortable and lulled into our apathetic 
stupor.....we don't vote in the numbers we should either.  And anyone who 
thinks voters in this country don't vote with their emotions is naive or 
overestimating human nature.  I think it's humorous that since television, we 
have not elected a short president.  Many people get their political 
education on the Tonight show or David Letterman.....why do you think we are 
fed sound bites.  Haitians have committed the unbelievable sin of being 
human.  We are the same.  


Kathy DorcÚ