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#2146: vaccinations for visiting blans : Stahl asks

From: Aletha Stahl <stahlal@earlham.edu>

In May, I will accompany a group of 12 US students to Haiti. Our school
nurse has bombarded them w/ Center for Disease Control (CDC)
recommendations for preventive treatments, including anti-typhoid and
-Hepatitis B measures. When I have traveled to Haiti, I have never bothered
with either of these, although I took malaria pills and have been
vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

Some of my students are stretching themselves financially to make this
trip, and every penny counts. While legally, I can only support their
taking all precautions, I would nevertheless like to let them know what
risks are so that they can make informed decisions (and so that I can
counter the negative image of Haiti set up by the CDC and reinforced by our

I welcome hearing what others of you do or being pointed to sources for
more info. You are welcome to contact me off list to keep the number of
messages down.

Thanks -

Aletha Stahl

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