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#2167: Re: #2162: vaccination : Jen replies (fwd)


I've gotten all the Hepatitus vaccinations, oral thyphoid, and used to get 
the malaria pills, but I don't anymore. Those are much cheaper if you buy 
them in Haiti, and if you go to Haiti often, then it's a lot on your system 
to keep taking them. I use good insect repellent and eat lots of garlic. I 
paid a lot at an overseas medical clinic, but with many of these you only 
need the shots once (one of the hep.vac's is in 2 parts). It's important to 
keep the mosquitos from biting you, even from a comfort standpoint. Thyphoid 
is very real, though, and precautions should be taken.
I've found more unpleasantness with accidently drinking something with bad 
ice or water. Has anyone ever tried a good dose of wasabi with some sushi to 
help clean the system? Works pretty good.
Jen Pantaleon
The Lafanmi Selavi Photography Project