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#2188:Re: #2180: Mystical Haitian: Seitz comments


Ah, the great memories of the Grand Hotel Oloffson.  I cannot help but wonder what happened to the 22 years my late husband Al Seitz (who entertained Graham Greene as he was writing the Comedians) and I ran the Oloffson and hosted so many celebrities ranging from Mick Jagger to improbable guests like Sen Barry Goldwater.  
Aubelin Jolicoeur is our great, great friends and my sons and I have nothing but admiration for his immeasurable style.  He is amazing and I will someday write my novel dedicated to him.
Yes, times do change and go on. It is wonderful they do. I only want to remember the good ones as well as I can and like to think we (Al and myself) were somehow responsible for introducing another certain style to a wonderful old building that attracted an incredible following.  
We had some rough times. It was difficult to function by myself in Haiti.  I learned that the hard way.

Anyway, my family and I salute the Oloffson.  It was once listed in a list of the "Great Hotels of the World".  It is a hotel with a heart that should always beat on.