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#2214: Antoine comments on archivists and anarchists (fwd)

From: Guy Antoine <GuyAntoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Bob, my advice would be: "Save yourself the trouble!"  Start from

Though I admit, some of the topics we have discussed are extremely
tempting, such as "The Phrase", "Mario's Government" (nobody, at
least in the Cabinet, seems to have noticed that the Prime Minister
resigned... the rest of the Ministers are going on as usual... and
reporting directly to the President... which begs the question: why have
a Prime Minister anyway... in true life or in fiction, it does not seem to
matter to anyone whether there is one in function or not... the President
is vacationing in Tokyo and does not seem to mind... or is he jet-setting
between Japan and Taiwan trying to raise money that will keep him
in power for a generation, not to say "ŕ vie"... beware of Ministers
without Portfolio or Chief of Staff that specialize in coup d'état and
double coups d'état... and beware of overweight lobbyists who would
introduce negative tariffs to subsidize imports... and how did Manno
Charlemagne and Aubelin Jolicoeur get along anyhow... inquiring
minds want to know why the cocks fight or do not fight at the Oloffson...
and why Petit Pierre is the darling of nearly every white person who's
visited the country [except perhaps the Commissioner of Baseball]...
and why a Ministry has not been created for him... we appear to be in
dire need of a Ministry of vaccinations and cooking oil for blancs
visiting the country , quite aside from the department of public health...
I say, give it to Petit Pierre... he would be happy to administer the
vaccinations personally... and who would not trust a dapper looking
senior... and why am i writing like mark gill... must have tariffs on my
mind... watch out, Merrill, you're toast! )

Guy S. Antoine
Look thru & Imagine!