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#2218: Laleau comments on water and dysentry


Water -- Don't trust the water in even certain first-class hotels which I 
don't want to name. They may say it's "purified," but unless you see the 
bottle it came in, don't count on it. Or maybe the purification system is 
faulty -- I don't know -- but the several of the very few times I really got 
diarrhea came after drinking first-class-hotel water that I was assured had 
been purified -- the more I had drunk, the worse my bout with the bathroom. 
And I am absolutely sure that no other food or drink had passed my lips on at 
least one of those days... This probably goes for juices as well, 
unfortunately, although I had a problem only when I'd drunk at least one full 
glass of water, continuing on up to 3-4 on really hot days.

I ate lots of food prepared on the street and never had a problem.  I did 
have a problem once with some sort of eclair that I bought in a bakery in 
P-au-P but didn't eat till later -- I think the cream had perhaps had time to 
spoil. I ate lots of great foods prepared in the countryside by peasants and 
never had a problem. Fortunately, there's always Juna and those little 
plastic-covered frozen popsicles on the street to quench thirst.